Jurassic World Evolution 2: What Is Challenge Mode?

There are 4 main modes that you can choose to play in Jurassic World Evolution 2. Each mode has a slightly different premise and arguably, challenge mode is the closest to the original game. If you're not sure which mode is for you, we're going to answer a helpful question - what is challenge mode? We're also going to let you know if it's worth playing this mode first.

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What Is Challenge Mode?

Challenge mode is where you get to build and run your own Jurassic Park, a theme park filled with dinosaurs. There are several different places where you can have your park and each place has a selection of scenarios you can pick. Each scenario is ranked as a different difficulty level but each level has its own starting rules and game settings. You will have several tasks/goals that you will need to achieve for your park to be deemed successful and each place will have its own set of goals.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Challenge Mode Canada Tasks and Goals
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You can choose to race against the par time for that scenario (the recommended time it should take for you to complete all tasks). However, you can take your time with it and create your own "finish time" which will then be saved with the scenario. This means that you can race yourself to see if you can beat your own time if you play the level again.

Once you successfully complete a scenario in challenge mode, you will be given a set of rewards unique to that particular scenario. For example: If you complete Canada on Easy, you will be rewarded with a few cosmetic gene alterations for your dinosaurs.

Is It Worth Playing Challenge Mode First?

If you have already played Jurassic World Evolution, the predecessor to this game, then you will easily be able to play challenge mode. The scenarios and tasks within this mode are highly similar to the main game story in the first game. However, if you are new to the games then you should think about playing campaign mode first. This mode teaches you a lot of the basics of running a park.

There are a lot of aspects of running a dinosaur theme park that you will need to master in Jurassic World Evolution 2. Luckily, we have some guides that can help you out. We have one on how to perform status checks on dinosaurs as this helps you make sure you're meeting their needs. Also, we have a guide on how to help diseased dinosaurs.

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