Jurassic World Evolution 2: Walkthrough Hub

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Welcome to our walkthrough hub for Jurassic World Evolution 2! History dictates that trying to run a theme park with genetically altered dinosaurs never ends well. However, you may be the one who will run a successful Jurassic Park. In this hub, you will find all of our guides for the game that will help you create what John Hammond dreamed of.

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You can find all of our guides about general gameplay here.



All of our guides surrounding dinosaurs and guides about keeping dinosaurs can be found here.



You will be able to find all of our guides surrounding the day-to-day maintenance and management of your park/facility.


We will update this hub as we create more guides for all of the modes in Jurassic World Evolution 2. Dr. Ian Malcolm once said that "life finds a way" so it's now up to you to find a way to build, manage and run your very own Jurassic Park.