Jurassic World Evolution 2: How To Unlock the Monorail

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Jurassic World Evolution 2 The image is showing the front of the monorail carriage above enclosures at sunrise.

Guests can be tricky to satisfy in Jurassic World Evolution 2, but if you have good transport links then they will always appreciate it. Keeping guests happy is crucial to running a successful business so you will want to do everything you can to please them. We're going to show you how to unlock the monorail, explain a bit about what it is and we've included some tips for building it too.

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How To Unlock the Monorail

To unlock the Monorail, you will need to first complete the research for it. To do this you should click on the "guests" section from the side menu that you can find on the left-hand side of your screen. On here, you need to find and click on the "Monorail Station" section. This will take you directly to the research node that you need.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Monorail Station Research Screen. The screen is showing that the Monorail Station research is ready to begin and will cost $200,000. Also, the scientist requirements have been filled to 6/5.

Once you are here, you should see that the monorail station research will only say that it rewards you with the station. However, you will get the monorail track alongside the station so you can build the transport item right away.

You will now need to assign scientists to the task. You will need to fill or overfill the task requirements before you can begin your research. The requirements can be found above the price of the task on the right of your screen. Once you fill or overfill the requirements, click "start task" and your scientists will begin the research. After the research has been completed, you will be able to build your own monorail.

What Is the Monorail?

The monorail is a transport system that you can use in your park. Your guests will inevitably complain if they need to walk around your park without any transport links. Your park will be huge by default, therefore having a monorail that can drop guests off at points of interest will increase your park rating.


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Tips for Building a Monorail

Building a monorail can be expensive and if you get it wrong, it can make the system completely useless. We have laid out a few tips below that can help you build a good monorail.

  • Look at the areas in demand - when you start building, you will see that there are pathways that have been highlighted red. This shows where the demand for the monorail is and it's always a safe place to put a monorail station.
  • Think about the view - a monorail isn't all about getting from A to B, you can use it to give guests a good view of exhibits. You can build a monorail track through an enclosure, so your guests can ride over and look down at your dinosaurs.
  • Spend sensibly - Creating a monorail track can get very expensive very quickly. We recommend building a small track and then expanding on that when you have plenty of money to spare.
  • Think about the exhibits your guests will want to get to - guests will typically want to see one type of dinosaur over another, especially highly ranked ones. Try to place a monorail station next to or near these enclosures.
  • Connect the tracks to make a complete circuit - The track doesn't need to go back on itself to the same station. You can connect the track to another station and so on. However, there must be a complete circuit for the monorail to become operational. This means that there is no sudden end to the track and the track must lead back to another station.

There are many things that you need to think about when creating your monorail as it can make or break your business. Creating a successful business is one of your main goals in Jurassic World Evolution 2 and we have a few guides that can help you. We have a guide on how to increase asset rating and another on how to increase amenity coverage.