Jurassic World Evolution 2: How to Safely Enclose an Allosaurus

Early on in Campaign Mode in Jurassic World Evolution 2, you will track down and capture a ferocious Allosaurus. Your next task will be trickier as you will need to make sure that the Allosaurus has an appropriate habitat to live in that will keep it and your guests safe. We're going to show you how to safely enclose an Allosaurus.

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How to Safely Enclose an Allosaurus

An Allosaurus is one of the more dangerous dinosaurs that you will encounter in the game and keeping it safely enclosed is a big task. However, if you follow the simple steps that we have laid out below then your Allosaurus will be happy and safe in its new home.

1. Give It a Medium To Large Enclosure

Allosaurus is a big dinosaur and it makes sense that it will need an appropriately sized enclosure. Any enclosure that is medium to large in size will be good for the dinosaur. If you build it and find that the Allosaurus isn't happy with the size, you can always pause live mode and quickly extend the enclosure without risking any guests.

2. Give It Live Bait

As one of the most efficient predators of the Jurassic period, Allosaurus does not want to be fed dinner like a pet. Instead, its instinct and nature are telling it to hunt so you will want to cater to this. You will have access to a live bait feeder and you must give your Allosaurus one to keep it happy.

3. Forest, Water, and Open Space

When you're tailoring the environment in the enclosure to an Allosaurus you will need to give it plenty of Forest. However, you will need to balance this out with open space too and a small amount of water. If you have a medium enclosure the perfect balance will be around 2/4 Forest, 1/4 Open Space and 1/4 Water. With a larger enclosures, you will have more freedom to balance out the environment without sacrificing the view for guests.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Allosaurus Enclosure Large Comfort Rating 100
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This is a large enclosure and the comfort rating for the Allosaurus is 100.

4. Heal Any Wounds or Diseases It Has

A sick or hurt Allosaurus is a very temperamental Allosaurus. To safely enclose this dinosaur, you need to keep it happy and this means helping it if it's feeling unwell. We have guides that can show you how to treat an injured dinosaur and how to treat a diseased dinosaur which will help you take care of your Allosaurus.

5. Keep a Capture Team Near the Enclosure

As much as you want your dinosaurs to behave, there is a huge chance that they won't and they will try to break out of their enclosures if they are unhappy. Allosaurus is slightly worse for breaking out of an enclosure if it's unhappy and it poses a big risk to guests. Therefore, you should try to have a Capture Team based near the enclosure so that they can respond quickly if the worst happens.

If you hit all of these targets then you will have safely enclosed an Allosaurus and you will be able to have one in your park without worrying about it going on a rampage.

Taking care of dangerous dinosaurs is a big part of your job in Jurassic World Evolution 2 but so is keeping your guests safe. We have a guide that shows you how to repair broken fences to stop dinosaurs from potentially escaping. Also, we have a guide on how to track and tranquilise dinosaurs if they escape.

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