Jurassic World Evolution 2: How To Quarantine Dinosaurs

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Jurassic World Evolution 2 Mobile Vet Unit on the left of the screen with a Brachiosaurus behind it. There is a Nasutoceratops in the background. All dinosaurs are sick and in quarantine.

Dinosaurs can get very sick very fast in Jurassic World Evolution 2 and the illness can spread between all species in the same enclosure. Similarly, the disease can also spread to dinosaurs in adjacent enclosures. We're going to show you how to quarantine dinosaurs and explain why you need to do it.

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How To Quarantine Dinosaurs

To quarantine sick dinosaurs you need to isolate them from other dinosaurs. To do this, you should build an entirely separate enclosure that is a good distance away from any others. We recommend building the quarantine enclosures near the Paleo-Medical Facility where possible. This will mean that treating the dinosaurs will be easier and the MVU (mobile vet unit) can respond quickly if the sick dinosaur gets worse.

Jurassic World Evolution 2. The image shows the Paleo-Medical Facility in the foreground on the left with the dinosaur quarantine enclosure behind it.
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You should build the quarantine enclosure the same way you would a normal one. Also, if you have enough money then you should tailor the environment in each of them for the sick dinosaur. This is especially important if you need to research the cure first as a comfortable dinosaur is more resilient than an uncomfortable one.

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When a sick dinosaur has been identified, you should tranquilise it and use the transport teams to get it into the designated quarantine enclosure. Once the illness has been taken care of, you can tranquilise them and transport your dinosaurs back to their original enclosures.

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Why You Need To Quarantine Dinosaurs

Some illnesses that the dinosaurs can catch will need curing, but you will need to research the cure first. Research can take time and money, therefore making sure that the sick dinosaur cannot infect the other ones is important. If it's a particularly nasty illness, quarantining the sick one will ensure that the risk of you losing your dinosaurs and the financial investments you have made in them will be lower. There will be some tasks that require you to quarantine dinosaurs too.


Also the common cold illness doesn't seem to have a cure and that can spread across your park really quickly if you're not careful. If you quarantine the dinosaur or dinosaurs that have this illness then you will reduce the risk of it spreading.

Taking care of your dinosaurs should be your top priority in Jurassic World Evolution 2. Yes, guests matter too but you will have no park without your dinosaurs. We have some guides that will help you take care of them including one on how to help injured dinosaurs and another on how to help diseased dinosaurs.

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