Jurassic World Evolution 2's Challenge And Sandbox Modes Highlighted

Build your own parks in Jurassic World Evolution 2, the sequel to the 2018 simulation game.

With the game set to launch across next-gen and last-gen consoles this year, developer Frontier Developments has highlighted advanced features that will be available in the forthcoming game.

Jurassic World Evolution 2's Challenge And Sandbox Modes Highlighted

Sandbox and Challenge modes will return to the aforementioned game and have been updated in significant ways.

Challenge Mode

Challenge mode will feature 4 difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, Jurassic), where each level can be unlocked by obtaining a certain of stars on the previous difficulty.

Each difficulty comes with Conditions, which act as constraints making gameplay more challenging. Examples of constraints can include limitations of the number of dinosaurs allowed in parks. Every difficulty will have bespoke challenges too, with different abilities required to achieve each level.

The mode can also be played in isolation to the narrative:

These Challenge Mode missions will have both a global location and a context that will make them really fun to play. They're not tied into the game's main narrative, so each can be played in isolation; plus, you'll earn unique species cosmetic unlocks for earning 5 stars across the different difficulties, so there's lots of reasons to take up the challenge!

Sandbox Mode

This mode expresses an "open-ended gameplay experience", allowing players to customize their own parks in accordance with adjusted weather conditions, time of day, the lifespan of dinosaurs, and so forth.

The inclusion of a "new territory system" allows players to even craft a nature reserve park.

Different maps from other features can be played in Sandbox mode:

Maps from Chaos Theory and Challenge Mode will be playable in Sandbox Mode, offering up lots of variety to your park building experience. Just remember: Sandbox Mode content needs to be unlocked by researching it in other modes, so your Sandbox parks will be constantly evolving with your gameplay! We start you off with some basic stuff, but the rest will need to be unlocked for you to access.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 offers a narrative-driven story, where park owners can interact with characters from the movies. While the previously mentioned Chaos Theory allows players to experience iconic moments from the films through 'what-if' scenarios. So, certain scenes in the movie may not play out directly in Evolution 2.

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