JETT: The Far Shore - How To Shake Off Pests

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As their name suggests, Pests are small but incredibly irritating creatures in JETT: The Far Shore. You will come across a multitude of creatures, both non-threatening and threatening kinds but you will still need to learn how to deal with them as any experienced explorer would. That's why we're here to show you how to shake off Pests!

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How To Shake Off Pests

Pests can be a problem but there is a very simple way of shaking them off. Once a Pest has attached itself to your Jett, you can simply do a Pop or Hop move to shake them off.

Jett traveling through forest canopy environment

This will detach them from your Jett and hopefully, it will deter any in the immediate area from doing the same thing.


What Are Pests?

Pests are as the name suggests, incredibly annoying small creatures that inhabit the world. You can find them predominantly in bogs or areas with tall grass.

They latch onto your Jett's shield and will damage it the longer they latch onto it as they produce a noise that can disrupt it. One or two won't do excessive amounts of damage but you can quickly be swarmed by a lot and that's when you can find yourself in trouble.


It's best to shake the Pests off as soon as they attach to you!

Even though they are small creatures, they can become a mighty problem if you don't take care of them instantly. Knowing all about your Jett will come in handy in dealing with this and other creatures in JETT: The Far Shore. We have some guides that can help you out, including ones to show you how to dazzle and how to deploy your shelter!