JETT: The Far Shore - How To Review Your Findings

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As you bravely explore the vastness of a new planet in JETT: The Far Shore, you will come across multiple new life forms and things native to the world that you can research. Learning more about them will ultimately help you learn how they can be of use to you. We're going to show you how to review your findings.

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How To Review Your Findings

To be able to review your findings you need to know which control will take you to your cockpit. To check this, head into your settings and hit the "gameplay" option. This should show you a control breakdown and you need to find the enter/exit cockpit one.


After finding this you need to click that button to take you into the cockpit.

When you're in the cockpit, you should see several different tabs at the top of the screen. You need to scroll through these until you hit the one that says "Findings".

Click on this and you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

JETT The Far Shore Findings Screen
The more research you do, the better your findings will become.

This will display all of your findings up until the point you're at in the game. It will show you everything you know about that specific thing and it will update the information as you learn more about it.

Review Them at Ground Control

You can review your findings at Ground Control once you've unlocked and established it. All you need to do is head up to the command level of your base and turn to your right as soon as you enter the room.


There will be a computer. Walk over to it and interact with it, it will then open to show you all of the data (research) you have found whilst out on your scout missions. It will update with each new discovery, the same way the one in the Jett will.

What Are My Findings?

They're all of the things that you have come across in the environment that you've scanned with your resonator or specimens that you have collected with your Jett. If you're not sure how to, we have a guide on how to collect specimens here!

Your findings are a culmination of what you've found out through research and exploration.


Why Do I Need To Review My Findings?

There is a lot to find in this game and unless your memory is amazing, it inevitably means you're going to forget little bits of information about the planet.

As a scout, your goal is to explore the planet whilst causing as little disturbance as possible therefore having knowledge at your disposal will help you avoid causing any major issues.


A whole new world awaits you in JETT: The Far Shore and as well as knowing how to dazzle, knowing how to save your game will be useful. Collecting as much research as possible whilst you're exploring will help you in the long run, so buckle up and get flying!