JETT: The Far Shore - How to Pop

In JETT: The Far Shore you pilot your Jett around a new planet filled with undiscovered native inhabitants and unknown dangers. Your Jett is your main form of transport around the planet and they are a number of actions that you can do with it. We're going to show you how to pop!

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How to Pop

To pop, you need to have passed through the first part of the tutorial where you learn to fly your Jett before embarking on your epic journey through the stars. Once you've learned how to move your Jett, you will then learn how to pop.

All you need to do to pop is follow these simple steps:

  1. Have your Scramjet engines operational.
  1. Do not move the directional controls for your Jett.
  2. Press your action button.
  3. That little bounce you do is your pop!

What Is a Pop?

A pop is a move that you can do whilst in your Jett and it seems to be a small bounce it does that emits a type of energy. The energy the pop releases can interact with or react to different things in your environment. It can either activate them or annoy them so be cautious.

Jett popping on top of an Ionised pool
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Popping on top of some objects will reward you with little surprises

For example, if you fly over a Ghokebloom then pop when you're on top of it you will activate it and in turn, it will grow plants around it.

You must remember that one of the most important things you are tasked with is to not cause too much of a disturbance on the planet, so it's advisable to not pop everything you see.

As you make your way across the planet, the actions that your Jett can do will always come in useful and it's also useful to know exactly what it can do. Fortunately, we have guides that can help you learn how to collect specimens with your Jett and how to dazzle in JETT: The Far Shore.

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