JETT: The Far Shore - How to Hop

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Your Jett in JETT: The Far Shore is mainly how you explore the newly discovered environments and there are a multitude of things that it can do. Hopping may sound a little basic but it's one of the most important controls to master. That's why we're here to show you how to hop!

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How to Hop

If you missed it in your tutorial, knowing how to hop requires you to know how to control your Jett first. Once you know which control is for moving your Jett around as it flies you can move on to learning how to hop.

To hop you need to combine two controls in this order:

  • Pull back on your flight control stick (down)
  • Click your action button to Hop.

You need to do these two steps in succession and if you let go of your control stick, you will not be able to Hop. You cannot execute this move if your Scramjets aren't operational.

What Is Hopping?

As the name suggests, hopping is an action you can do whilst flying in your Jett and it's essentially a bounce that will boost your craft up to a higher altitude for a brief space of time.


JETT The Far Shore Jett Hopping

Hopping is extremely useful as it can stop you from crashing into obstructions as you fly or you can do it for fun to pass the time as you fly over vast oceans.


Tips for Hopping

  • Pull back on your control stick as you anticipate needing to jump an obstruction.
  • Only push your action button to Hop at the last minute - This will give you a better chance at Hopping over a big object like a Ship.
  • Make sure your Scramjet engines are turned on - If they're off, you'll not be hopping anywhere.
  • Surging while hopping will give you a bigger boost.

Flying your Jett is a big part of JETT: The Far Shore so learning about the basic moves that your craft can do will make your time in the game much easier. There's a lot more to know about your craft, including how to collect specimens with it!