JETT: The Far Shore - How To Deploy a Shelter

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The new world that you are tasked with exploring in JETT: The Far Shore may be picturesque but it's not as safe as it first appears. You're going to contend with wondrous but dangerous weather patterns and anomalies which is why we're going to show you how to deploy a shelter!

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How To Deploy a Shelter

There are a few stages to go through when it comes to deploying a shelter from your Jett and it can get a little bit tricky, especially whilst your craft is being damaged. The first thing you need to do is know how to use your resonator tool as this is the first stage of deploying your shelter.


Scan the Environment

When your resonator is equipped, you need to scan the environment and combine this with your scope tool. Whilst holding the scope button you should look around you.


In the centre of the screen (surrounding your jet) there should be a circle and little blue marks should appear either side of it. If they don't appear, you may need to look around with your scope until they do appear.

The marks are the thing you need to pay attention to.

JETT The Far Shore Jett with resonator seeking shelter spot
The blue marks are weak here which means the Jett is not facing the shelter location.

They are going to indicate to you where you can place your shelter. When the blue marks are small it means you're not facing the right area but when the marks get big, it means you're facing the right way. After you're sure you're facing the right way, start to fly in that same direction but you might need to adjust your course to keep the blue marks where they are.

You should eventually come to the area that's optimum for you to place a shelter.

Clear the Area

Even though you have found the best area for your shelter, it doesn't mean it's ready for you just yet. Sometimes you will find obstructions that are stopping you from deploying your shelter and how you deal with these will depend on which obstruction you have.

You can scan any obstructions with your resonator to find out more about them and if they're living, it's a good way to figure out how to get them to move. Sometimes you will just need to grapple things and punt them out of the way but other times you might need a different approach.


Deploy Your Shelter

When the area is clear you need to fly over it and hover over it with precision. The easiest way to do this is to turn your scramjet engines off, that way you can do smaller movements to get into position.

Once over the ideal spot, all you need to do is equip your shelter from your Jett tools. Click and hold the tool button to deploy the shelter. All you need to do now is land!


It's a mysterious new world that you're exploring in JETT: The Far Shore so it will come in useful if you take your time to learn everything about your trusty Jett. Luckily, we have guides on how to collect specimens and even on how to dazzle!