JETT: The Far Shore - How To Collect Specimens With Your Jett

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In JETT: The Far Shore, you play as Mei who is referred to as being a Mystic. You are a part of a group of scouts that are tasked with exploring a brand new planet that could be the salvation of humanity. Whilst exploring your new planet, you will conduct research on native life with your aircraft called Jett and we are going to show you how to collect specimens with your Jett.

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How To Collect Specimens With Your Jett

When you come to collect your first specimens on the new planet, you will already know the basic controls for your craft. As you fly across the ocean towards your first destination, Isao will stop you as they will have spotted something swimming around in the water and this is your first specimen.

  1. You need to flip through your tools on Jett until you come to your Resonator.
  2. Equip this and then pilot your Jett to face the specimen. Click your prompted control once the specimen is nearby and the Resonator will scan them.
  3. Once you have scanned them you will then have the option to collect some of them.
  4. If you can collect them then you will need to switch to your Grapple tool on the Jett and then manoeuvre yourself to be facing the specimen. When you're at the correct angle, a crosshair will appear in the diamond above the specimen. All you need to do is press the Grapple button and you will collect it.
  5. You cannot collect every specimen you scan.

What Does the Resonator Do?

The Resonator is a useful tool that does a variety of things but in the case of specimens, it scans them and brings up a small box at the top of your screen which informs you of anything it finds out. It can tell you if the specimen is alive or dead, its heart rate, what its intentions are, and if it has any weakness such as being stunned by Concuss.

JETT The Far Shore Jett scanning Hoppa specimen.

This can come in very useful when you want to learn how to deal with certain specimens that are less than happy about you being on their planet.

Collecting specimens is a key part of exploring the new world and doing so from the safety of your Jett is a huge bonus in a new environment. We have guides on other Jett features such as how to Hop and how to Dazzle. There is a lot for you to investigate with your Scout colleagues in JETT: The Far Shore, so it's time to get exploring!