Is It Takes Two Coming To Xbox Game Pass or EA Play?

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It Takes Two is a new and popular co-op title, made by the creators of A Way Out, a game that many have enjoyed playing with friends. If you're a fan of titles where teamwork is vital such as Unravel or Portal then this game will be right down your street! It Takes Two is already becoming a must-have for couples and families in lockdown but many are curious whether it's part of Xbox Game Pass. Here's what we know!

Is It Takes Two Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

At the time of writing, It Takes Two is not currently available on Xbox Game Pass, nor EA Play which is surprising as it's an EA title. Although this isn't the best news, there's nothing stopping this from changing. Plenty of titles have come to Game Pass a while after release. As well as that possibility, many EA game come to EA Play within a year or so since launch so it's likely we'll see the same with It Takes Two. As EA Play is part of Game Pass, this means that if it eventually is available through EA Play, it also will be on Xbox Game Pass.


We'll be sure to keep you updated if anything change but, for now, you'll have to buy the title to play it as it's currently unavailable in regards to subscription services. Overall it seems to be more of a case of when rather than will it come to Xbox Game Pass, though you'll likely be holding out a while till that time comes.

If you're on the fence on whether to splash the cash on this title, then you can find our review here which may aid in making your decision. Otherwise, we have a hub for It Takes Two which will tell you everything you need to know here