Gorilla Grodd Injustice 2 Combo Is So Amazing That Ed Boon Himself Dished Out High Praise

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We've covered awesome Mortal Kombat combos for a while, but this Injustice combo is stunning. While I've seen my fair share of impressive combos, Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon seemed the most impressed. To get the creator of a game to comment on your gameplay is pretty awesome.

In Injustice 2, a fantastic Gorilla Grodd combo was recently displayed on YouTube by Index. In his own words, Index is confident that the highlighted combo has been largely overlooked. The combo I've just seen from Gorilla Grodd is, in fact, unlike anything I've ever seen from him. A variety of stage hazards are used, and Gorilla Grodd's trait is charged in the middle of the combo.

Even Ed Boon was impressed by this Injustice 2 Combo

No one can dispute how brilliant that sequence was. Ed Boon also applauded the combo. Index recorded 36 hits against Brainiac and 568.94 damage.

Here is the video in question:

Boon responded to the video in a Tweet that read, "Good Grodd, that's an insane kombo." It really seems like Boon appreciates the execution that went into pulling off this sequence enough to tweet about it. He usually tweets about future announcements, but it's nice to see some regular Tweets from him.

It does not matter when the game was released; combos in Injustice 2 are always memorable. NetherRealm Studios releases their Injustice titles after releasing a Mortal Kombat entry, so Injustice 3 is likely around the corner. Perhaps NetherRealm Studios is working on something involving the Marvel Comics IP.

Grodd was hardly ever used during Injustice 2's prime because other characters were better suited to combos. At tournaments, Gorilla Grodd wasn't very prominent, despite being a heavy hitter. Even after years of being unpopular, Gorilla Grodd has been able to shine in Injustice 2.

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