Rewrite History With an RC Vehicle, as Time Loader Launches Today on PC

February 10, 2022 - Update: Time Loader launches for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 on March 10, 2022. You can find a trailer here.

Any sci-fi fan could tell about the different time travelling vehicles we've previously seen. DeLorean's, Police boxes, a phone box providing excellent adventures, take your pick here. I'd say Time Loader's RC Robot is a new one, though.

Developed by Flazm, META Publishing has announced that Time Loader launches today, offering a physics-based puzzle platformer. Taking control of that RC Robot, you'll be looking to save your own creator by diving into the past, heading back to the 90s.

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Rewrite History With an RC Vehicle, as Time Loader Launches Today on PC

As part of this press release, Flazm and META publishing provided this outline:

Driven by its emotional narrative, Time Loader plunges players into the homely 90s, where their choices affect the future they are trying to save. With creatively designed levels and a knack for tumbling players into alternative universes, this puzzle platformer will see players warp their way from dimension to dimension:
  • Choose wisely – the smallest choices can change time and affect your ending. There are three to uncover… (with a secret fourth ending on the cards for investigative players!)
  • Think on your robotic wheels and find ways around the hurdles in your path in this psychics based puzzle platformer
  • Lose yourself in an immersive story filled with puzzles and learn about the morals of time travel: should you change the timeline at all?
  • Find new ways of upgrading your robotic self to traverse the obstacles in your way, from harpoons, to boosters, to screwdrivers!

You'll find the release trailer above for further details, and if you're interested in buying, that's out now across Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store. Furthermore, Steam also has a free demo available. We'll keep you informed with further indie game news as we hear it.

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