Moonglow Bay Lines Up An October 7th Launch

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During last night's Future Games Show within Gamescom 2021, publishers Coatsink and developers Bunnyhug announced Moonglow Bay launches on October 7th, 2021.

Offering a "story-driven ‘slice-of-life' fishing RPG", this takes us to a Canadian fishing town that's afraid to fish. Arriving for Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass, that'll retail for £19.99/$24.99 USD/€24.99.

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Moonglow Bay Lines Up An October 7th Launch

Furthermore, an Epic Games Store release is also planned, arriving on November 11th instead. At this time, there's no confirmation of plans for a Nintendo Switch, PS4 or PS5 release.


As part of this announcement, publishers Coatsink offered this outline on what we can expect:

Moonglow Bay was once the jewel of the Eastern Canadian coastline until rumours of dangerous, fantastical creatures ruined the fishing trade. With the town on the verge of bankruptcy and only one year until its centennial, you decide to fulfil your partner’s final wish of starting a business in a decisive attempt to revive the town.
Along the way you will befriend locals and encounter strange fish, cook and sell a variety of recipes; acquire new equipment, such as rods and a fishing boat; learn to cast nets, set traps and fish through ice. Explore the furthest reaches of the bay, from frigid glaciers to boiling geysers; and ultimately determine if there is any truth to the tales...Do magical creatures really exist in Moonglow Bay?

While there's still 6 weeks before Moonglow Bay's launch, we sat down with Bunnyhug last month to discuss this upcoming fishing RPG. You can check out our full interview right here, and we'll bring you a full review nearer the time.