Mech Armada Mixes Giant Robots With Turn-based, Roguelike Combat

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If, like me, you've got a penchant for turn-based combat, giant robots, and have been known to be enraptured by a roguelike or two, then Mech Armada is the kind of game you might want to check out.

Offering turn-based strategy, with a touch of deckbuilding and the kind of permadeath that would make XCOM 2 veterans blush, it's out in Early Access on Steam today.

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Mech Armada Mixes Giant Robots With Turn-based, Roguelike Combat

Check out the gameplay overview below:

Players will need to take on giant monsters in a variety of mechs. Levels are procedurally generated, and are constantly ramping up the tension.

“There is an opportunity to combine the depth of tactics games with the replayability of deckbuilding roguelikes to create a new experience that players can enjoy over and over,” says Lioncode founder, Sergio Garces.

Players can customise their mech before battle, working through monstrosity after monstrosity to earn a chance to take on the game's bosses, which are described as "massive, ugly and ridiculously tough".

If you die, you'll start over, but you'll be able to build fresh mechs from your new starting parts.


Honestly, if this scratches a similar itch to Into The Breach, I may not be heard from in months.

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