Escape Death With "In Stars and Time", a New RPG Launching Next Year

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Armor Games Studios has revealed In Stars and Time, a new RPG adventure about finding hope with the world stuck in a mysterious time loop. Launching on PC next year via Steam, that's brought to us by Adrienne Bazir, creator of START AGAIN START AGAIN START AGAIN: a prologue.

Announced via a press release, Armor confirmed:

This inclusive turn-based RPG follows a found family of adventurers at the pinnacle of their journey to defeat a king who is slowly freezing the land in time. After meeting their untimely demise, party leader Siffrin discovers they are actually stuck in a time loop, able to start the day over again with nobody the wiser.

Escape Death With In Stars and Time, a New RPG Launching in 2023

Described as a "spellbinding RPG," Adrienne Bazir also released a statement, saying:

"Finally, In Stars and Time has been revealed!!! I love stories that make me cry and feel for the characters, so I hope my game will also make you feel many emotions. Look forward to more information about the game soon!"

We don't have a solid release date beyond 2023, though we're hopeful to learn more soon. In the meantime, you can find START AGAIN START AGAIN START AGAIN: a prologue on or Steam for $12 CAD / £7 / $9.50.

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