Hyper Scape: When is it coming to console? Ubisoft updates PS4 and Xbox One fans

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Hyper Scape, Ubisoft's entry into the Battle Royale genre, is here - or at least it's in beta.

That's only for PC gamers, though, and console fans have been wondering when they'll be able to get their hands on the game.


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Hyper Scape: When is it coming to console?

As part of an AMA on Reddit (and shared by the Hyper Scape Twitter account), the team confirmed that the game will be releasing this Summer.

//Data Transfer from AMAu/GaminRick7: When are you planning to release on consoles?A: We're planning another live phase on PC, but as for consoles, we'll be releasing this summer - Graeme
— Hyper Scape (@HyperScapeGame)
July 7, 2020

Considering the popularity of the PC beta, that's likely to be music to players' ears.


As for the next "live phase on PC", we'd expect another beta. The game is currently in a closed "technical test", so expect Ubisoft to open the floodgates to stress test their servers.