Hyper Scape

24 Feb 2021

Hyper Scape: Every Command Available In The Crowncast Twitch Extension

Hyper Scape, Ubisoft's entry into the Battle Royale genre, is here - or at least it's in beta.

You may have noticed Crowncast mentioned, a Twitch add-on that is an optional installation - we explained how to install it here.

Here's all the cool stuff you can do with it. 

Hyper Scape: All Crowncast Effects

Each of these changes can make a huge difference to the way the game plays, with descriptions from Hyper Scape's Twitter account.

Crowncast effects offer huge gameplay changes


"Reveal the positions of all contenders on the map for 20 secs"

Low Gravity

"Drastically decreases gravity on the entire map for all contenders"

Supply Crate

"Spawns loot crates in random districts"

Infinite Ammo

"Grants unlimited ammunition and faster reload times"

Health Kit

"Spawns health pickups that give back a bit of health when collected"

Extra Jump

"Adds 2 extra jumps for contenders to use"

Cooldown Accelerator

"Spawns crystal pickups that reset hacks in cooldown when collected"