Hyper Scape Halloween 2021 Event: Everything We Know

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Hyper Scape may have gone a little quiet, but the game is still ticking along, and for good reason - it's the only urban-focused, Ready Player One-style battle royale out there.

The game's first spook-fest last year was great fun, and so we're hoping to see it return in much the same way. Here's all we know about the 2021 event, and we'll be updating this page as we hear more.

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5 October 2021

A reminder that last years Halloween event didn't kick off until 20th October, lasting until 3rd November. So we could be waiting a couple more weeks for the spooky thick fog to descend over Neo Arcadia.

1 October 2021

It's now officially October and the spooky season is nearly here. Get ready for some Halloween high-jinx in Hyper Scape!

Hyper Scape Halloween 2021 Event: Everything We Know

Last year saw the game's map, Neo Arcadia, plunged into darkness with a nighttime version of the sprawling digital city. It also added a second-chance mechanic, allowing for players to come back from the dead if they were slain in a match's early stages.

After the first week, a new Squad Mode called Dark Haze removed the Crown, lowered visibility, and took away certain weapons and hacks for a more intimate (and eerie) battle royale.

Of course, it may be that the game doesn't make it to Halloween - Ubisoft has been somewhat quiet about the game, save for some fresh digital comics. For more on Hyper Scape, be sure to check out our rundown of Ubisoft's proposed changes to pull players back, as well as the addition of Crossplay, here.