Hyper Scape Battle Pass: Rewards, Free Tiers, Skins and More!

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Ubisoft's brand new futuristic battle royale has started off with a bang, as it unexpectedly dropped into the laps of FPS fans recently.

The technical testing stage was a huge success and players are excited to extend their stay in Hyper Scape, while PS4 and Xbox One players can now get in on the action.


Here's what we know about the game's free battle pass.

Full Battle Pass

Check out the full Battle Pass for season one of Hyper Scape, which was found during the technical testing stages of the game.


Along with the above video here is the list of all of the free rewards: 

  • Triune - Emblem
  • Hyper Scape Hub - Loading Screen
  • Blue Batton - Melee
  • Nocturna - Emblem
  • Oh Yeah? - Emote
  • Hacktastic - Loading Screen
  • Thumbs Up - Emote
  • Tomoe- Emblem 
  • Try Again - Holo-Tag
  • Dono Magnifico - Emblem
  • Corporate Chopper - Melee
  • Warrior - Emblem
  • Krida Kart - Pod
  • Fight and Fight - Loading Screen
  • Locked and Loaded - Emote
  • Adi Corporate - Skin
  • Affiliate D-Tap - Weapon Skin
  • Atomic - Emblem
  • Two Thumbs Up - Emote
  • XOXO - Holo-Tag
  • The Line - Loading Screen
  • Corporate Riot One - Weapon Skin
  • Touch of Flair - Pod
  • Dronin' On- Emblem
  • NOPE - Emote
  • Show N Shoot - Emote
  • Vulpes - Emblem
  • Axthelete - Melee
  • Affiliate Ripper - Weapon Skin
  • Neo Arcadia - Loading Screen
  • Clap - Emote
  • Steadfast - Pod
  • Marathon Mammoth MK 1 - Weapon Skin
  • Kehinde Marathon - Skin


Free Tiers!

Announced during today's Ubisoft Forward event, since the game is now in public beta testing; they have also noted that players are going to get some free battle pass tiers for being apart of the beta.

In fact, players are able to get up to 30 FREE tiers just for checking out the beta.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the beta and claim your free battle pass tiers now!



When Can I Play? 

As of today, players are able to jump into the game NOW!

Premium Pass

As things stand, there is no premium pass available.


If I played the Open Beta on PC, and later switch to console, will I keep my items on the new platform?

  • Yes. You will keep all your items from PC if you play Hyper Scape on console too once it is available on that platform.

How do I progress in my Battle Pass by watching Hyper Scape Twitch Streams?

  • Connect your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts and watch a live stream that has activated the Hyper Scape Twitch Extension, Crown Cast.
  • The amount of progress through watching Twitch Streams is limited.

Emotes, Skins, and More

As you can tell from the above YouTube video showcasing the battle pass, there is a bit of everything included in this battle pass. 

Player's will be able to get all sorts of rewards just for jumping into the public beta, and some of these are insane!