Witchbrook: Release Date, Gameplay, and Everything We Know So Far

Witchbrook screenshot

Witchbrook screenshot

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July 2022: No news quite yet, but Chucklefish has reiterated that Witchbrook is currently only coming to Steam.

Chucklefish’s long-awaited project Witchbrook is on the horizon, and we’ve finally got a look at some gameplay ahead of the much-hyped Witchbrook release date.

This isometric life sim follows your character on their adventure through Witchbrook College in the harmonious seaside town of Mossport. You’re carrying on from your ancestors’ legacy here and are coming to terms with your magical abilities and heritage. You will attend classes at the college to improve your skills while making friends and building a home for yourself. This is sure to be a hit with anyone who is a fan of Stardew Valley, publisher Chucklefish’s other stand-out success.

While we patiently await more news about Witchbrook, we’ll be checking out games like Genshin Impact to get our magical fill, as well as some free RPGs.

When Is the Witchbrook Release Date?

There is no confirmed Witchbrook release date. Not even a target year has been announced. While we wait for the game’s release, there will likely be an early access version on Steam. To keep up with any news, you can subscribe here.

The official Witchbrook logo.
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What Do We Know About Witchbrook Gameplay?

Since being announced way back in 2017, Chucklefish’s magical project is finally taking shape. Screenshots and more details have arrived and a Steam page has been created. Let’s take a look at what we know about the gameplay so far.

Witchbrook seems to be heavily influenced by Stardew Valley, The Sims, and some other simulation games with supernatural elements. You create a character with customisable clothing, hair, accessories, and more, who is a witch in training at Mossport’s standout Witchbrook College. You’ll be working to improve your magical skills, including broom riding, potion crafting, and botany.

You also get a house to renovate and can go fishing, foraging, gardening, and more. These can lead to crafting items to sell or gift to the locals - who have a fleshed-out schedule and social system to learn. Mossport is filled with shops, cafes, and merchants to explore and trade with. The other students shouldn’t be ignored either: you can race brooms and even go on dates with them!

What Platforms Will Witchbrook Be On?

Witchbrook will release on Steam for PC. Chucklefish has not confirmed any other platforms yet, but it is thought that the team will bring it to others later on. Judging by the success of Stardew Valley and other cute sim games, it'd be great to see at least a Switch port happen at some point.

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