Valorant Premier - Alpha testing, dates, features and more

Banner for Valorant Premier

Banner for Valorant Premier

In the world of esports games, there's often more than one way to play. Usually there's a matchmaking system, with a ranked ladder and causal play. But sometimes, there's a league or event system. In Riot's first person shooter Valorant, we're getting just that with Valorant Premier.

Newly announced, this brand feature is still in it's infancy and has a lot of things that still have to be worked on with it, but we're going to cover what we know, and when you can expect to be able to play with the new mode.

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What is Valorant Premier?

Valorant Premier is a brand new competitive mode that is coming to Valorant. At it's core, it's a League style mode. You will form a team of five members, and you'll be thrown into a season of scheduled matches and events, pitted against other players of similar skill.

Seasons will last a few weeks, and if your team does well enough you can qualify into a tournament to battle for the Division Champion title. This new mode is a way for the larger Valorant community to experience what professional teams and players go through in their matches.

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When does Valorant Premier alpha launch?

The launch date for Valorant Premier is still unknown, though alpha testing for the mode will launch some time next week. This first alpha test round is going to only be in Brazil. This will allow the developers to test and iterate on the mode much quicker than they would if it launched to a wider audience. When the mode goes into testing for other regions, we'll update this article to notate which regions will get involved and when.

As for the alpha test, the team states that it's about 60% finished in terms of features, so there's a lot to come for this amazing new mode. If you're one of the lucky few who get to participate in these early tests, be sure to provide as much feedback as you can around the mode. This will help the devs get through things quicker, and get the mode into a state where more regions can test it out.

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