Solo Leveling release date - Gameplay and what we know so far

Image of a snake monster preparing to attack in Solo Leveling.

Image of a snake monster preparing to attack in Solo Leveling.

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Need a new mobile game to sink your teeth into? You're in luck, because our Solo Leveling release date guide and everything we know hub will run through all the key details on this upcoming pocket-sized adventure. The beloved Korean light novel is making its way to handheld devices after its initial publishing run first ended, so it's definitely worth brushing up on all the most important info.

This guide will not only explain what the Solo Leveling mobile game is, but we'll also look at exactly how the gameplay and story will work. That's on top of a rundown of how to actually play the game, as well as when the release date might be.

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When is the Solo Leveling release date?

Right now, there isn't a Solo Leveling release date. In fact, details are so slim on the game that as of the present, it's unlikely to arrive any time soon. When announced at Netmarble's press event in January 2022, there was no mention of a release date or even a general period to aim for, so it must be a while off.

Equally, since there aren't any official social media pages for the Solo Leveling mobile game, it's hard to keep tabs on the game's release strategy. Therefore, we may have to wait a good while for new details on the game - let alone a glimpse of the release date.

What is Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling is an upcoming mobile game based on the light novel series of the same name. It ran from 2018 to 2021, and now there are no more light novels coming, the creators decided to opt for a mobile game spin-off.

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Details are slim, though we do know it's being developed by Netmarble. They're best known for making games like Seven Knights 2 and Dragon Ball Arena, so it's fair to say that Solo Leveling is in good hands.

The game was announced in January 2022, though there's no concrete details on the plot just yet. However, the very brief reveal trailer shows Sung Jinwoo, the light novel's protagonist, battling monsters in a dungeon. As such, expect this game to mostly adapt the source material.

Equally, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what the gameplay will be like, though we do have some cursory hints. A brief action sequence shown in the aforementioned trailer suggests it'll be a third-person action brawler, with a focus on melee combat and magical powers.

Beware though, because fan murmurs suggest a gacha mechanic will be in the game. It's not confirmed, but that would likely include you spinning to unlock new team members and playable fighters.

How do I play Solo Leveling?

At the time of writing, you're unable to play the Solo Leveling mobile game. That's simply because it isn't out yet.

Netmarble has yet to confirm which devices the game will be available on, though you can expect it to arrive on iOS and Android devices, via the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. Sadly, links to the game on those storefronts aren't live yet, but we'll be sure to add them here when they are.

From there, it should be an easy case of downloading the game and booting it up. Given how graphically intensive it looks, don't be surprised if Solo Leveling's file size is a behemoth, so you may have to clear some space prior to getting it on your device.

That's it for our Solo Leveling everything we know guide! Evidently there isn't too much information freely available on the game right now, but be sure to check back often. We'll update this guide once new information lands, including a prospective release date and some social media channels.

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