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Three soldiers holding weapons in Rust.

Three soldiers holding weapons in Rust.

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As the game was released 10 years ago, Rust 2 news is in high demand. Even though Rust has an extremely popular competitor, DayZ, from the start the game has gained incredible popularity. It is nearly impossible to find a gamer who has not played Rust, which is a valuable argument about the game’s popularity.

Read this guide, and you will find out the latest Rust 2 news and what we’d love to see in the game. Also, there will be interesting statistics, rumours, and other things that will help determine whether the game is on the way.

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A soldier in a crumbling city in Rust.
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Rust 2 latest news

If you try to find any official news about Rust 2, you'll struggle to do so. Like Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, and various other games released many years ago, Rust is likely never to get a sequel. Even though it might sound disappointing for many people worldwide, this is the reality.

First and foremost, the reason for this is complex. A combination of factors makes Rust 2 release extremely unlikely. The most important one is that Rust is still alive. The game has 10,000 active servers and draws the attention of over 300,000 gamers daily. Even though experienced players dislike the game's toxic community, they return to Rust because there are no alternatives.

The second reason is the efforts developers put into Rust. If you first saw Rust in 2013, nowadays the game is entirely different. For over ten years, Rust has been Facepunch Studio's biggest game. Therefore, there seems to be no reason to devalue these efforts and start working on a new game from scratch.

Rust is a legendary video game. If the developers decide to announce an upcoming sequel for Rust, players will build significant expectations. Meeting these expectations would be pretty challenging. Working on Rust 2 is a risky decision, and it seems Facepunch Studio will never make it.

The last reason why Rust 2 will never get released is that Rust players do not require the sequel. Even if some ideas about Rust 2 appear on the internet, they get nearly zero support among other players. The only thing that Rust players want is to eliminate toxic communities who try to worsen the gameplay for others.

The only way Rust 2 can get released is if people stop contributing money to the game and require a sequel. Also, the release of a new competitor to Rust might force the developers to update the Rust series, releasing a sequel. Unfortunately, nowadays, neither the first nor second situations are likely to happen.

A settlement in Rust.
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Five things we want to see in Rust 2

Even though Rust 2 is not officially confirmed, it doesn't stop players from creating exciting ideas for a new Rust game. Below, we have collected the top five things people want to see in Rust 2. As Facepunch Studio listens to the community, there is a high chance that the developers might add these features in further Rust updates or in a new Rust game.

Release on modern consoles

If you have played Rust for a long time, you probably know that the game is available only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in terms of consoles. Many people are eager to play Rust on the newest consoles. Even though such a release takes much time, it would be beneficial for the developers.

Stronger anti-cheat policy

Cheaters are one of the biggest problems in Rust. Of course, almost any video game has cheaters, but in Rust cheaters have a significant impact on the gameplay. Therefore, it would be best to make game rules about banning cheaters more strict in Rust 2, or make a stronger anti-cheat system to weed it out.

More survival aspects

Even though Rust is a video game about survival, many people notice that over time its priorities shifted from surviving to griefing other players to have fun playing the game. The best way to fix it is to include more survival aspects into the game, and make it as realistic as possible. You can be sure that it is one of the best changes the developers could make to Rust 2.

Nostalgia game mode

Many people who have not played Rust for a long time notice that the game is not quite the same anymore. It has been entirely changed, killing the emotional resonance of the game for many people worldwide. In Rust 2, it would be best to create a unique game mode that allows players to play on some earlier versions of Rust.

Player separation

Once you are at the beginning game stages, it is nearly impossible to enjoy Rust. You will face more experienced players who will destroy your house and do everything to force you to leave the game. It significantly decreases not only the reputation but also the popularity of the game. Therefore, in Rust 2, people expect to see skill-based matchmaking and newcomers lobbies to make things more accommodating.

That’s it for our look at the Rust 2 release. Generally, the game is extremely unlikely to be released, but we can always hope! While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free RPG games.

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