Roller Champions: Release Date, Gameplay, and Trailer

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Please welcome the next high-energy sports game to grace our screens, Roller Champions. Ubisoft's upcoming title adds a twist to the usual sports game formula and brings a new multiplayer experience to all our favourite platforms.

Releasing this year, Roller Champions features three-a-side teams that must race each other around a stadium track to score goals, while on their choice of rollerskates or inline blades. There are multiple modes and breathtaking settings to play this fast-paced game in and show yourself off, too: the Champions in question are super customisable, and there’s tons of gear to deck out characters to your preferences. Our hub page brings together all the information you need to know about Roller Champions, like the release date, trailers, gameplay and more. Lace-up your skates and get moving with Roller Champions!


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Latest News

May 25, 2022 -

Roller Champions is out, for free, now!


April 20, 2022 -

Good news - Roller Champions announced that the game has gone Gold. This means a release date is right around the corner as the game is in its final stages of development.


What Is Roller Champions?

A character in Roller Champions wearing exclusive gear

Roller Champions has been around for a while, in name only. Originally announced in 2019, it has faced some delays but is now finally within touching distance.

The free-to-play game comes from Ubisoft, and features multiplayer and solo sports-based activities in a cross between roller derby and basketball. We know that there is a Ranked mode, as well as custom matches and the new Skatepark - a laid-back area where you and your team can practice or take part in activities.


You play as a Champion, which can be fully customised with a huge wardrobe and range of cosmetics. While skating for glory, you’ll need to gain sponsors and complete goals to get rewards, while achieving success and moving to better stadiums.

Roller Champions Release Date

Ubisofts’ new team game still hasn’t got a solid release date, but has been narrowed down to late spring 2022. That could mean any day now, given that the previous date given was March. Eager players can pre-register on the official site to be in the know as soon as the release date drops.

Roller Champions Gameplay

Roller Champions focuses mainly on the multiplayer games, where teams of three battle it out to score the most goals and zoom around the most laps. Characters appear in third person, allowing you to admire your cool customisation.


Teams win games with points, which are earned from goals and the laps completed before scoring them. To win, teams will need at least five points in each seven-minute match. You only need one lap while in possession of the ball, but the more you complete, the more points you’ll earn. You can throw the ball to teammates to carry on laps, too.

Roller Champions Trailer

Here is the most recent trailer released by Ubisoft:


What Platforms Will Roller Champions Be On?

It looks like Roller Champions will be available on most major platforms. Initially, it’ll be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Ubisoft Connect. In a developer stream, they did confirm that a Nintendo Switch and mobile version were also coming, however, there is no update to this.