Mafia 4 - News and what we'd love to see

Two gangsters in Mafia 3.

Two gangsters in Mafia 3.

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The release of the new Mafia 4 is one of the most widely discussed topics in the gaming community, ever since the release of Mafia 3. The fourth game in the legendary Mafia series is currently under development, causing many discussions among fans.

Read this guide, and you will find out all the news and what we’d love to see in Mafia 4. Keep in mind that this guide is full of confirmed information. So, it might appear helpful even for hardcore Mafia fans.

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A night city in Mafia 3.
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Mafia 4 latest news

The existence of Mafia 4 was confirmed on August 29, 2022, under the special code name Nero. So, do not get surprised if you see this name in the news about Mafia games.

Mafia 4 is going to expand upon the legendary trilogy. One of the newest comments about Mafia 4 was said by the general manager of Hangar 13, Roman Hladik. During an interview, the developer said, “I’m happy to confirm we’ve started work on an all-new Mafia project! While it’s a few years away, and we can’t share anything more right now, we’re really excited to keep working on this beloved franchise and to entertain our players with new stories.”

Also, some rumours and influential people say that the main feature of Mafia 4 will be the new Unreal Engine 5, providing much better graphics to all players. Even though there was much discussion about this rumour, these details soon had some concrete grounding.

People noticed that a Senior Graphics/Rendering Engineer vacancy on the official Hangar 13 website, which included working with Unreal Engine 5. If you combine this fact with the announcement of the new Mafia game, it becomes evident that the game will use Unreal Engine 5, even without official confirmation from developers.

The game’s central storyline will be built around the Salieri family, and the most likely location where the game will take place is Sicily Island. It was leaked by the co-founder of XboxEra, Nick Baker, in the XboxEra podcast. Such a location might remind most people of the Godfather 2, in which Don Corleone succeeded in Italy and America. There is a high chance that Mafia will follow this way and take place in multiple countries.

Also, bear in mind that the new Mafia video game might not even be called Mafia 4. It may be called Mafia Origins, or some other exciting name. But it seems that the best name for the next Mafia game is Mafia 4, simply because it will bring the game more recognition.

Mafia 4 release date speculation

As Roman Hladik reported during the announcement of the game, the developers have only just started work on the new Mafia game. Actual vacancies for this game were available even a few months ago, meaning that the devs are still hiring staff to work on the game.

Moreover, you should take into account that Hangar 13 has more than one project on the go. Therefore, the development of Mafia 4 is not a matter of a single year. The earliest date when the game might come to PC and consoles is late 2024, depending on how progress goes.

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A bright city street in Mafia 3.
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Five things we would like to see in Mafia 4

Finally it is time to discover the top five most widely requested updates for the new Mafia game. Even though it is only in the early development stages, here are the things we're eager to see in Mafia 4.

Mafia atmosphere

The main reason for the popularity of Mafia games is that they have a unique atmosphere and gameplay style. Playing these games, you feel like a real gangster that makes fateful decisions in a few seconds. Many people want to feel such immersion while playing Mafia 4.

Side quests

Side quests were one of the most widely requested mechanics in Mafia 3. Of course, these requests transfer to the new Mafia game. The developers need to make various exciting missions that will not affect the main storyline but will feature pretty good rewards. It helps elongate the game's length as well!

Exciting weapons

In the new Mafia 4, players want to have a wide range of weapons to choose from. Of course, the detailed model of every gun should be included in the game. Depending on the time period, we could see some exciting historical firearms.

No bugs and glitches

After the laggy remaster of Mafia 2 was released in 2020, most players have only one simple requirement to Mafia 4 - no bugs and glitches. Even though it seems nearly impossible, we hope the developers will carefully test the game to release it without critical issues.

Interesting storyline

The last widely requested thing in the new Mafia 4 is an exciting storyline. Fortunately, Hangar 13 never has problems with creating exciting storylines. All previous Mafia games are interesting, even if you watch them as a spectator. Many people hope developers will not change the approach to the storyline in Mafia 4.

That’s it for the release of Mafia 4. Even though the game may not come out for a few years, it's still good to know that a new Mafia game is in the works. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free multiplayer games.

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