House Of The Dead Is Getting A Remake This Year

Amongst the more exciting reveals during Nintendo's latest Indie World presentation was a first look at the remake of classic on-rails shooter House of the Dead.

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House Of The Dead Is Getting A Remake This Year

Publisher Forever Entertainment announced they'd secure the rights to the remakes way back in 2019, and we finally got a first look at the first game in the latest showcase.

Although it was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance during the closing sizzle reel, a full trailer has now been released on Forever Entertainment's YouTube channel which you can view below.

Developed by MegaPixel Studio, who also handled last year's Panzer Dragoon remake, the game features modern graphics and controls, multiple endings, and a whole new entourage whilst remaining 'true to the original gameplay'.

Despite the promises of a new entourage, the original's antagonist Dr. Curien pops up towards the end of the trailer, which will no-doubt please long-time fans.

There's no word yet on how specifically the classic light-gun gameplay will be transposed to the Switch, or on whether the game will be making its way to other platforms in the future. Switch fans can expect to be blasting zombies once again later this year though.

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