Sony Reveals Aloy's New Moves in Latest Horizon Forbidden West Trailer

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Sony revealed more gameplay from Horizon Forbidden West in a new video and explanatory blog post, including mechanics, weapons, and enemies players can look forward to.

Guerrilla reiterated their commitment to free and open traversal, highlighting Aloy's climbing and vaulting abilities and also the new Pullcaster item. This is essentially a grappling hook item that works in the usual way - letting Aloy reach new, out of reach places - but there's a second feature that makes it more than your usual grapple tool: winch mode.

The Pullcaster's winch lets Aloy bring items closer, and it also lets her destroy certain environmental obstacles to find new paths or hidden secrets.

Aloy will also find workbenches scattered around the world where she can upgrade her existing equipment and weapons, and she's got plenty of new weapons and skills to use on her journey.

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Sony Reveals New Horizon Forbidden West Mechanics And Content

One of those is the new Valor Surge set of moves unleashed when Aloy earns enough valor from attacking enemy weak spots, among other things.. She has 12 Valor Surge moves in all, and each can be upgraded several times.


Other notable things coming to Horizon Forbidden West include the enemies and machines' ability to fight in groups and a new, expanded skill tree. Check out the latest trailer below.

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