More Horizon Games Are In Development, Job Listing Suggests

Guerrilla Games is finishing up Horizon: Forbidden West, their upcoming sequel to 2017 hit Horizon Zero Dawn. Having recently detailed Aloy's new gadgets and gameplay mechanics, in addition to special editions available for pre-order, it appears they're expanding the brand.

More Horizon projects seemingly planned and, as spotted on Guerrilla Games' website, a job listing for a Co-Dev Producer hints a new game is already being developed. Furthermore, one of these could be externally produced.

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More Horizon Games Are In Development, Job Listing Suggests

The successful candidate is expected to focus on the brand's expansion, with outwards produced content being prioritised:

As a Co-Dev Producer at Guerrilla, you will help us expand the Horizon universe in new and exciting directions. In this role, you will be part of a specialized group overseeing externally produced game projects.
<img src="forbiddenwest.jpg" alt="Aloy is riding a mechanical horse on a beach with the golden gate bridge in the background">
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Aloy is heading to San Francisco in the next adventure.

It's speculated that one of these games could be a Horizon VR project, which Firesprite Studios is rumoured to be working on. Multiple job posts were also uploaded last month, hinting that Guerilla is working on a Horizon multiplayer game. With the company recruiting for an overseer of the PlayStation title, could be one of the many projects being worked on.

Sony and Guerilla Games are unlikely to officially reveal more information about Horizon's future until Forbidden West releases, but we'll keep you informed on any developments.

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