Horizon Forbidden West Melee Pits Guide

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Horizon Forbidden West Challenges Blog Post Aloy Speaking to Melee Pit Leader

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game from Guerilla Games. It's the sequel to the highly-successful Horizon Zero Dawn from 2017. This game is set six months after the ending of the original one, and once again, the world is in danger. Fortunately, the fierce and strong Aloy is prepared to do anything to save it.

An eerie red plague is infecting the land, destroying almost anything it touches. It's down to Aloy and her friends to venture into the Forbidden West to figure out how to stop it. However, if the impending doom of the world ending is too much at times, there are plenty of optional side-quests and challenges for you to do.


In this guide, we're going to fill you in on what Melee Pits are, and where you can find them.

What Are Melee Pits?

Melee pits are a set of challenges that Aloy can do to test her skills against human enemies and learn new ones. As human enemies are prominent in the Forbidden West, we highly recommend spending some time in them.

A Pit Master is in charge of each Melee Pit and you need to speak with them to participate in one of the three challenges. At each Pit, there are three challenges that you can take part in. However, you'll typically need to complete the first two to unlock the third (which is battling the Pit Master). In the first two challenges, you'll learn how to use specific melee combat skills that will help you defeat the Pit Master in the third.

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy Battling Opponent in Melee Pit

Where Can You Find Melee Pits?

Melee Pits can be found in some settlements. Usually, you can hear two competitors battling it out which will lead you to the location of the Pit. They're also quite easy to spot as the Pits are usually circular and you'll see two figures battling it out while another (the Pit Master) watches.


Melee Pits are not the only challenges that you can choose to take part in while exploring in Horizon Forbidden West. Take a look at our Hunting Grounds guide to learn about what they are and what you need to do in them. If you're a fan of exploring dark and slightly spooky dungeons, check out our Cauldrons guide. We explain what they are and, though they seem labour intensive, why they're worth completing.