Horizon Zero Dawn: Tallneck Locations Guide

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Horizon Zero Dawn is free right now so if you haven’t downloaded it yet or added the game to your library, what are you waiting for?

This is one of the best PS4 open-world games out there and with a PS5 sequel coming soon, there’s no time like the present to check this title out.


For now, we're looking to help you find all the Tallneck locations in the game, so if you're struggling to find them all, read on.

You can also use the interactive Horizon Zero Dawn map, just below, to make your search even easier.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Tallneck Locations

The game actually has a couple of unique things when compared to other open-world games, like the Tallnecks.

The Tallnecks in Horizon Zero Dawn are similar to those towers in Assassin’s Creed or Marvel’s Spider-Man, where reaching them gives you visibility of the map and some EXP.


Unlike those two games, however, the Tallnecks are moving creatures, so players will have to climb it and override the head to get what they need. 

Now, here are all the Tallneck locations in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Devil’s Thirst Tallneck Location

Probably the first Tallneck you will find in the game, you should be able to see it on the Main Embrace Gate. Find a ruined building near its walking patterns and find a climbable wall, then, wait for the Tallneck to pass by then jump on the back.


Sun Steps Tallneck Location

Oddly enough, this Tallneck is near a bandit camp, so take them out quietly then proceed to start taking it down. Head to the wooden structures on the camp and wait for the Tallneck to walk by so you can jump on its back.

Rustwash Tallneck Location:

You can find this Tallneck on the east of Meridian, which is next to the Gatelands Bandit Camp. There are some machines that accompany this Tallneck, so either take them all out stealthily or just stay afar and climb atop the thing once you’re near two large structures.


Spearshafts Tallneck Location:

Finding and getting on this Tallneck isn’t too hard since you just have to climb on a large cliff near its walking cycle. However, there is a Longleg waiting on the top, so be careful and use stealth to take it down so you can jump on the Tallneck with no issue.

Copper Deeps Tallneck Location

You’ll be able to see this Tallneck slightly southeast of Meridian, walking around water so watch out for Snapmaws. Finding something to climb shouldn’t be an issue but there are a lot of enemies around so take them out for no issues.