Horizon Zero Dawn Rat Locations To Farm Skin and Bone

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In Horizon Zero Dawn, several species of wildlife can be found all across the game areas. One of those is the rat which is often considered a pest in real life. But in the game, hunting those can be a good thing especially in providing loot that could be useful in some crafting recipes.

So, browse through this article to know the rat locations in Horizon Zero Dawn, including where to farm skin and bone of these species.

Where To Hunt Rats In Horizon Zero Dawn


Players may be able to find a ton of rats right inside the game’s ruins. Precisely, it is located at the southern part of the road in the middle of Mother’s Cradle and Mother’s Watch. Once players are already in the place, the noise of rats could be heard easily. Killing the rats would be easier if players use a heavy spear attack to execute an auto-lock assault to kill the smaller rats compared to the other species in the game.

Most of the rats are in the bottom part of the ruins. Although inside it, some rats can also be seen. There should be a handful of loot from the rats within the vicinity of the area, such as rat skins and/or rat bones.

But if players feel that what’s in store in those locations is not enough, fast travelling to the nearest campfire would be a good move. A handful of the mentioned materials can be obtained once it is done.

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