Horizon Zero Dawn Owl Locations: Best Places To Farm Owl Skin and Bone

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Owls surround the skies in some areas in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is common to see them flying around on almost every game area that has trees.

Although shooting the owls could be considered as a not-so-good act in real life, in Horizon Zero Dawn, it would result in a variety of loot, ranging from different types of meat up to some owl skins or owl bones.

So, here’s where to hunt owls in the game, including how to kill them.

Where to hunt Owls in Horizon Zero Dawn

As mentioned, owls are often seen around trees. One of the areas in which owls can be hunted would be in the woods beneath the Songs Edge. One arrow shot can be enough to take an owl down.

Owls can also be seen around the Banuk fishing camp located at the western edge of the Cut. Although players are advised to act in a calm and quiet manner as much as possible. Owls that are perched on trees tend to do “hoot” noises which can call the attention of other owls to prevent an assault of a perpetrator.


Players who would be successful in hunting down owls will be granted with either different meat types, an owl skin, or an owl bone.

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