Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Override Machines

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If you own a PS4 or PS5, Horizon Zero Dawn is free for you to download and it will be yours forever so unless you already have the game, there’s no reason not to pick this title up since it’s an excellent example of the open-world genre.

The game is very pretty and has some really good characters to attach yourself to, with some great gameplay that combines combat similar to Tomb Raider and Monster Hunter, plus, you can Override enemies and traverse with them.


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Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Override

Getting the Override ability in Horizon Zero Dawn happens fairly early during the game’s story, letting you take control of enemies that you can ride temporarily, which can be upgraded to indefinitely.

Overriding in Horizon Zero Dawn happens when you sneak behind an enemy, though you’re limited to a certain amount of enemies until you complete some Cauldrons to unlock more enemy types to Mount.


Keep in mind that even when you complete all of the necessary Cauldrons in Horizon Zero Dawn, not all of the enemies can be Mounts, though they can be your allies for a decent amount of time.

Still, complete as many Cauldrons as you can since having the ability to Override a ton of monsters will give you a distinct advantage over your enemies, not to mention making the game’s traveling a lot more fun and fast.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now on the PS4 and PS5 as a free game until May 14, though PC players will have to pay full price on Steam unless it’s on sale.