Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Mount Machines

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the better open-world games out there, which is saying a lot since there are a lot of great open-world games, but the Sony exclusive managed to differentiate itself thanks to its amazing world and interesting lore.

Gameplay-wise, it’s basically open-world Tomb Raider with some Monster Hunter elements here and there but that’s not a bad thing when you are using robotic tigers to travel across the land.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Mount

Being able to Mount these robotic creatures in Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t the easiest thing to do but they are a great way to get around since the world is big and you can’t exactly web swing around.

Players will need the ability to Override enemies so they can Mount them, and more enemies can get Overridden once you complete more Cauldrons so do those when possible to give you more options to Mount.

To Mount a robotic creature in Horizon Zero Dawn, sneak behind one and the game will give you an option to take it down with a stealth strike or override it so you can travel across the land with it.

Overriding will be more difficult with larger enemies but, for the most part, players should be able to Mount most enemies no problem, though maybe upgrade your abilities to ensure that it will be easier.

Horizon Zero Dawn is now available on the PS4 and PS5 for free, so now’s the best time to play it, with PC players having to pay full price for it on Steam, though those players can always wait for a sale.

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