Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Fast Travel

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Horizon Zero Dawn is a pretty great open-world game, one that PS4 and PS5 owners can pick up for free right now, as it manages to breathe life into the genre thanks to its stunning visuals and fairly original setting.

The fact that it’s getting a cross-gen sequel soon shows that Sony is hellbent on getting this series over with fans, so if you haven’t played it yet and have a PS4, you are doing yourself a disservice by not picking this game up for free.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Fast Travel

Like many open-world games before it, Horizon Zero Dawn has Fast Travel but unlike most titles, you can’t just do it whenever you want.

You have to craft Fast Travel Packs in order to get around the game’s world with ease and, thankfully, they’re fairly easy to make.

Players only need to craft 15 Ridgewood, 1 Fatty Meat, and 1 Bony Meat, so make sure to gather materials and hunt wildlife.

After you’ve made your Fast Travel Packs in Horizon Zero Dawn, you will be able to go to the various campfires and towns in the game’s maps.

Make sure to always gather the materials listed above so you can fast travel and try not overdoing it since these are limited, so only do this if you have a lot of them.

For unlimited Fast Travel, you will need Horizon Zero Dawn’s Golden Fast Travel pack, which isn’t too hard to get, thankfully.

You will just need 50 Metal Shards, 1 Fox Skin, and 10 Fatty Meats, most of which are fairly easy to obtain, though the Fox Skin is the hardest one to get of the three, and even then, it’s far from impossible to find.

Currently, Horizon Zero Dawn is free for PS4 and PS5 owners until May 14 so pick it up whilst you can.

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