Horizon Zero Dawn Boar Locations To Farm Skin and Bone

Boars are one of the most common animals that can be seen in Horizon Zero Dawn. When killed, boars drop different types of meat. Although in some cases, they may also drop either a boar skin or boar bone which are very much useful when traded to merchants.

All of the items that can be dropped by boars may be classified as rare. But with the huge number of boars present in the game, players may have their items in no time. They just need to be patient in locating these species, which would then proceed in hunting them.

Here’s where to hunt boars in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Where To Hunt Boars In Horizon Zero Dawn

Players can find boars around dense forests. Some locations that can be best to hunt those include the eastern part of the World map. This is also the northern side of the Devil’s Thirst bandit camp, as well as the eastern side of Mother’s Crown.

But even if the number of boars is high, hunting and farming those could be a bit harder compared to other animals. Most boars could be taken down after being shot by at least two arrows.

One thing that could help players beat the boars on an easier note is by taking advantage of the “Luck of the Hunt” errand which leads players to collect around four boar skins. This could be obtained by getting it from Taim, who is located in Mother’s Rise.

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