Horizon Zero Dawn: Banuk Figures Locations Guide

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Now that Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is free to download for PS4 and PS5 owners, there’s no reason to not get it as the game is one of the best open-world titles out there, along with being one of Sony’s best first-party games.

Plus, you might as well experience everything this game has to offer before Sony starts making a big song and dance about the next game in the series, Horizon Forbidden West.

For now, we're looking to help you find all the Banuk Figures in the game, so if you're struggling to find them all, read on.

You can also use this interactive Horizon Zero Dawn map, just below, to make your search even easier:

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Banuk Figures Locations

Like many open-world games, Horizon Zero Dawn has a number of collectibles for you to get, some of which have great rewards, while others are mostly for the sake of having everything.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Banuk Figures are rare items to the Banuk and you can sell them to the Carja envoy Cantarah for some special Treasure Boxes, which is always good.

Without further ado, here is the Banuk Figure set locations in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Banuk Figures Set 1

  • The first Banuk Figure can be found northeast of the Devil’s Thirst Bandit Camp. Once you get to the base of this mountain, follow the various paintings to find some climbable rocks, where you will find the first figure.
  • You can find the Banuk Figure in Hunter’s Gathering. Head to this village and climb the pole that’s in the northwest corner, which will take you to a climbable wall. Once you’re on your feet, head past the zipline into the mountains where you will take part in a long climbing sequence that will eventually take you to the next Banuk Figure.

Banuk Figures Set 2

  • Find this Banuk Figure in the east of the Banuk Encampment, then, head to the bottom portion of the map where you will find paintings that will take you to another climbing section. After a lot of climbing and a couple of jumps, you will eventually find a Banuk Figure.
  • To find the second Banuk Figure of this set, head to the campfire west of Meridian. You can find the figure on top of a cliff and do not go down, as there’s an easier way to get it. Instead, walk a bit and find some rope, where you can then jump down, walk along the rope and get the Banuk Figure.

Banuk Figures Set 3

  • You can find the first Banuk Figure of this set by heading south of Sunfall. Soon, you can find a painted bit of rock, which will take you to a climbing sequence. Once you head to the top, jump across the hap, then follow the path to find the penultimate Banuk Figure.
  • Now for the final Banuk Figure, which you can find south of Pitchcliff. Start near some rocks that are painted, walk forward till you find a cliff you can climb with paintings, then once you’re on top, head to the right to find the final Banuk Figure.