Everything Shown During the Horizon Forbidden West State of Play

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The Horizon Forbidden West State of Play gave us an in-depth look at Aloy’s latest adventure, and while we still don’t have a release date, Guerrilla did outline a number of new features in Forbidden West.

Raiders of the Lost World

The Horizon Forbidden West gameplay footage opened with Aloy rescuing another person following a vicious ambush. Raiders from nearby ruins tracked and killed the victim’s group, and they had machines under their control as well.

The cutscene transitioned immediately into the player-controlled action as Aloy ventured out of a dense jungle and into a spacious beach area similar to the one shown during the 2020 PS5 reveal.

Raider-controlled machines will be a major feature in Forbidden West, as rival factions try stopping Aloy from recovering the devices she needs to understand and stop the Blight afflicting the land.

We see several machine types returning from Zero Dawn as well, such as the Tremor Tusk, and a new one that looks like a raptor with a chainsaw mouth.

Aloy, The Human Armory

Aloy’s arsenal returns seemingly intact from Forbidden Dawn, but augmented with a plethora of new additions.

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The bow is her primary weapon, though in close combat, she still wields a multi-purpose weapon to deadly effect.

Aloy can free climb anywhere, and she’s got a Pull Caster to help her climb faster. The Shield Wing is a paraglider of sorts that’s useful for both attacking enemies and traversing the landscape, while Aloy’s diving mask lets her stay permanently underwater.

In combat, Aloy can string together multiple combos with her spear and take advantage of add-ons to create different effects, such as stun or knockback effects.


She’s also got access to spike launchers, smoke bombs, and a whole, deadly arsenal, but if that weren’t enough, Aloy can pick up machine parts in combat and use them as weapons too.

All of Aloy’s weapons can be upgraded at upgrade benches, but Guerrilla said they’ll focus on that in another presentation.

Guerrilla promised more deep dives before the Horizon Forbidden West release date. We still don't know when that might be, but for now, at least we finally got to see the game in action.

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