Hogwarts Legacy Will Feature Ghosts From The Past

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There are some little details and secrets about Hogwarts Legacy that you can uncover by watching the trailer. It appears that ghosts will feature in the full game, as u/trent_stewart found one in the trailer. In the Reddit post, a ghost is seen during mealtime at Hogwarts.

This revelation confirms how much has been taken from the books and the movies. Some believe it is the bloody baron, but others say it is headless nick. Hogwarts Legacy has proven to be as faithful to the canon as possible regardless of who it is.


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Hogwarts Legacy Has Ghosts

Although some fans may have already noticed this, many others are unaware that ghosts will be present in Hogwarts Legacy. The ghost appears in the Dining Hall scene of Hogwarts Legacy, near the Gryffindor table. Many believe the spirit to be Nearly Headless Nick from Harry Potter, who is among the most famous ghosts from the books and films.

The Reddit post:


Besides Nearly Headless Nick, several other ghosts are roaming Hogwarts throughout the Harry Potter series. Perhaps this is someone else, such as the poltergeist Peeves or the Bloody Baron. Obviously, if there is one ghost, there are plenty of others coming, so fans should keep a watch for other figures who may appear.

Developers of Hogwarts Legacy appear to be paying close attention to these details and are seeking to stick to the Harry Potter canon. However, the promotional material is not to be believed because it is inconsistent. Due to time inconsistencies, the Whomping Willow and the Shrieking Shack were both featured in promos but not in the game.

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