Hogwarts Legacy: Improvements That Can Be Made From Quidditch World Cup

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Hogwarts Legacy is the long-awaited for Harry Potter RPG announced during the Sony PlayStation PS5 Showcase.

Harry Potter games don't have the best reputation, because they weren't that great...

Here's a comparison of features in Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup and what we want to see different in Hogwarts Legacy!

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Quidditch Improvements

Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup was probably fans of Harry Potter’s favourite game in the series, which isn’t hard as most of them were sub-par.

It was one of the only games that wasn't just a reenactment of the films.

Unfortunately, like many others, it hasn't aged well and you're unlikely to find anyone playing it currently.

To summarise the game, the player controls a Quidditch team, this starts out with a Hogwarts House team, e.g. Slytherin.

After winning a certain amount of games, you'll progress to international games, where you'd play nine national teams.

With the recent news of Hogwarts Legacy, let's reflect back on Quidditch World Cup and see what changes we would like to see to the Quidditch system.

Position Choice

Previously you weren't given the choice to choose which position you wanted to play, be that a chaser, beater or seeker.

We think players should get that choice, some of us want to fall off a broomstick and catch a snitch in our mouth and some of us don't

With today's standards it should be easy enough for NPCs to take control of other vital roles.

Team Management

It would be interesting for different team members to have varying skills.

For example, precision/aim would be best for a beater.

Whereas nimble would be for a seeker.

Injuries would also be a more realistic feature, Quidditch isn't really a gentle sport!

If someone is injured you could then have substitutes.

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Improved Graphics

This goes without saying that back in 2003 the graphics weren't the best.

From the showcase trailer, it looks like the cinematics and gameplay are pretty consistent.

I personally would prefer a semi-realistic art style but I don't mind as long as it's not pixel art...

Better Special Moves

Special moves were actually a really fun aspect added to the game.

They became a burden when one team move was constantly better than another.

This caused repetitive choosing of a certain move because why on earth would you choose to score one goal over three.


We want more variety and more balance, different moves but with a level outcome.

Overall Polishing

Obviously we are expecting a better game this time around than in Quidditch World Cup simply due to the advancements made in gaming.

Simple things like visibility and functions really need to be more polished than QWC was.

We are so excited to see what's to come for Hogwarts Legacy.

What changes would you like to see come to Quidditch?