Hitman 3 Reveals Year Two Content Plans Tomorrow

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Hitman 3's getting new content sooner rather than later. Having previously announced Year Two's on the way, IO Interactive's airing a stream tomorrow on January 13, detailing what to expect in their sandbox stealth game.

Players can watch the Hitman 3 Year Two stream on the official Hitman YouTube Channel, which goes live at January 13th at 6 am PT / 9am ET / 2pm GMT / 3pm CET. While new features haven’t been announced yet, IO Interactive previously teased an Elusive Target Arcade, a new game mode, and the heavily-requested PC VR compatibility.

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Hitman 3 Reveals Year Two Content Plans Tomorrow

Hitman 3 Year Two had VR capabilities on PlayStation via PSVR but not on PC, though IO Interactive previously stated that PC VR was eventually coming. We'll likely get a better look at this during the stream, which should make snapping necks and hiding from enemies even more immersive than before.

Hitman 3 and it's Year One content are available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Google Stadia. A Nintendo Switch version is also available, albeit as an online-only Cloud Version.

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