When Is The Release Date For Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

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Hitman Sniper: The Shadows is a pretty big departure, not just from the Hitman games but also the previous Hitman Sniper, with many mobile gamers excited to try out this new installment.

It will be interesting to see just how different The Shadows will be from the original Hitman Sniper but there’s definitely excitement surrounding the game, even if it won’t attract fans of Hitman 3.


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When Is The Release Date For Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

After showcasing a number of their mobile games during E3, Square Enix was expected to announce release dates for all of them, including Hitman Sniper: The Shadows but that didn’t happen.

The fact that Hitman Sniper: The Shadows didn’t get a proper release date is pretty annoying but it was stated that it would be coming out sometime this year, which is better than nothing.


Granted, mobile games are just as complicated to develop for as console titles so we’re sure that Square Enix wants Hitman Sniper: The Shadows to be a hit but a release date would have been appreciated.

The gameplay for Hitman Sniper: The Shadows does try to ape some of that classic Hitman humor by having players shoot enemies in unique ways so we’ll assume the devs are trying to perfect that mobile gameplay loop.

Only time will tell if Hitman Sniper: The Shadows ends up being one of the better mobile game tie-ins around but considering the franchise’s mobile success with Hitman Sniper and Hitman GO, we’re sure it’ll do just fine.

Hitman Sniper: The Shadows is currently slated for a 2021 release for iOS and Android devices.