Hitman 3: What Are Escalations?

In Hitman 3, Escalations are non-canon hits.

You’ll be tasked with returning to previous locations, but rather than killing the original targets, you’ll have to take out new threats.

To add a little more difficulty, Escalations will also throw in Complications to keep you on your toes.

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As simple as it gets

Basic Escalations in Hitman 3 look like this, you’ll have a target and be asked to take them out.

They aren’t much more different than the base game, but it might be harder to kill these targets as stealthily.

Though, once you’ve done this once, you aren’t finished.

Escalations have multiple levels, and the next unlocks each time you successfully beat the stage in Hitman 3.

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Sometimes you may have to take out multiple targets.

This will either be from the get-go, or new targets could be added in future levels of the Escalation.

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Dressed for the occasion

You can also face Complications.

In one example above you are restricted on your weapon choice, only being allowed to use non-silenced shotguns.

In another, you cannot remove a disguise once you put it on.

The escalations are designed to test you in Hitman, so make sure you’ve played through the level multiple times beforehand to have the best chance of success!

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