Hitman 3 DLC Revealed For February: Elusive Targets and Deluxe Escalations Confirmed

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Hitman 3 will get a series of new Escalations throughout February, as developer IO Interactive has revealed the game's first month of DLC support.

The highlights are a pair of Deluxe Escalations with their own unlockable gear, as well as a new Elusive Target mission coming to the Sapienza map from 2016's Hitman.


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Hitman 3 DLC Revealed For February: Elusive Targets and Deluxe Escalations Confirmed

Deluxe edition players can jump into the Prolof Parable, a new escalation that sets players loose on a train in the Carpathian Mountains.


Tasked with using an awesome white ninja outfit, a white katana, and a white sniper rifle, it's sure to test players when it lands on February 23.

The Gauchito Antiquity is another deluxe escalation that lands on the same day, will give players access to the Guru outfit, an emetic poison syringe and an emetic grenade.

As for content that's available for all, Hitman 3's first escalation kicks off on February 4 – that's today.

The Baskerville Barney takes place in the Dartmoor location and tasks players with eliminating multiple targets using accidental kills alone.


February 11 sees the debut of featured contracts, developed in collaboration with content creators. This time it's MinnMax, who have worked on new ways to complete the Dubai location.

February 18 introduces another escalation based around using throwing knives on boxes in Dubai.

The next set of featured contracts arrive on February 25, this time devised by the folks at Kinda Funny and set in the Dartmoor location.

Finally, the Elusive Target sees Agent 47 attempt to eliminate a pair of targets known as The Deceivers in Sapienza. You only get one chance, though, so make it count.


In our review, we called Hitman 3 "a confident end to a trilogy that has steadily gained in reputation with each entry".

"It’s a beautiful, dark, and frequently testing entry in a franchise that has matured over two decades, and is undoubtedly the best way to kick off 2021."

IO Interactive's next game is an original James Bond project.