Hitman 3: Best Items To Unlock Before Playing

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Hitman 3 is almost here and we know that when it comes out you’ll want to be as ready as you can be!

If you’ve played Hitman or Hitman 2 on the same device you’ll be able to transfer your progress and unlocks but which ones will be the most useful?

We’re here to breakdown the Top 5 items you’ll want to have unlocked going into Hitman 3 to give yourself and edge!

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A Non-lethal Weapon

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Agent 47 may be a killing machine but he isn’t a monster. 

If you want to earn Hitman 3’s highest awards you’ll need to complete levels only killing the targets. Though you will have to kock out guards and bystanders on occasion!

For that, you’ll need a BluntNon-Lethal Weapon.

You can earn plenty in Hitman and Hitman 2 but our favourite is the Hammer. Head to Sapienza from Hitman and complete the Plumber’s Apprentice missions!

Lock Pick

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The Lock Pick is essential for unlocking all sorts of doors in Hitman 3, allowing you access to many locations without having to search for a key and can be earned in one of two ways.

The first option is to complete all three Mission Story Challenges in Hitman’s ICA Facility Tutorial level.

Your alternative option is to reach Mastery Level 2 in Miami, Hitman 2’s first level after the Hawke’s Bay tutorial.

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Electronic Lock Picks

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Much like the Lock Pick, the Electronic Lock Picks will allow you into rooms though now for those with electronic locks in Hitman 3.

There are two versions of the device and, bad news, it isn’t as reusable as the Lock Pick.

In Hitman you can earn the Disposable Scrambler by completing all Mission Stories in Colorado. This device can be used three times in a mission.

Alternatively, you can reach Level 7 Mastery on the Isle of Sgail and earn the Electronic Key Hacker. This device is one-time use but you’ll take three with you into a mission!

Exploding Duck

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Exploding ducks are the best explosives in Hitman 3 as they won’t raise suspicions, and if you pick a remote one you can turn those who carry them into a walking bomb!

The Pale Duck can be earned from Hitman’s Requiem DLC pack, or alternative you could unlock the Remote Explosive Duck.

You can earn the Mark 1 by reaching Mastery Level 10 in Marrakesh or you can get the functionally identical Mark 2 by reaching Mastery Level 15 in Whittleton Creek.

Emetic Poison

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Of all the poison, Emetic is the best in Hitman 3. Rather than killing your target in plain sight they’ll instead take themselves to a private bathroom and throw up, giving you the perfect opportunity to drown them without witnesses!

In Hitman you’ll want to earn the Emetic Poison Vial by completing all three Marakesh story missions. Or you could get the Emetic Pills as Santa Fortuna’s Master Level 7 reward.

Both are functionally the same in Hitman 3!


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Honourable Mention - Bat Shuriken

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While not in our top 5, the Bat Shuriken will let you live out your Batman dreams in Hitman 3.

The ironically lethal Bat Shuriken can be earned by completing all levels of The Mills Reverie Escalation in Hitman 2’s Hawke’s Bay level.