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Hitman 3 April Roadmap Revealed: New Elusive Contract, Season of Greed and Everything You Need To Know


Hitman 3's April roadmap has been revealed, and it'll introduce some new elusive targets, a new escalation, and the first season of premium content.


Players can also jump into the Berlin Egg Hunt, as well as featured contracts from content creators Two Angry Gamers and Achievement Hunter.

Here's everything you can look forward to.

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Hitman 3 April Roadmap Revealed: New Elusive Contract, Season of Greed and Everything You Need To Know

Check out the April roadmap reveal below:

The month's first elusive target, The Collector, appears starting tomorrow, April 9, in the Dartmoor location. As a reminder, you only have one chance to eliminate the character, so move decisively before he's gone after April 19.

A few days later, The Politician comes to Hawke's Bay on April 23. You'll have until May 3rd to eliminate her, and while the Hawke's Bay location is part of Hitman 2, it's currently part of the free Hitman 3 starter pack which you can download now.

Featured Contracts, curated missions from some of the internet's best-known content creators, are returning with Two Angry Gamers on April 15 with missions in Dubai and Dartmoor.


Next up, it's the Achievement Hunter team's missions from May 6, with Mendoza and Chongqing the locations of choice.

Finally, The Jinzhen Incident escalation kicks off on April 29, and the ongoing Berlin Egg Hunt finishes on April 12 having started at the end of March.

As for the premium DLC, the "Seven Deadly Sins" content is in full flow, currently focused on the Dubai location with new missions and a new escalation, The Greed Enumeration.

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