Heaven Burns Red Tier List - Best Characters

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Drawn image of the roster of characters in Heaven Burns Red

If you're a fan of games like Another Eden, then our Heaven Burns Red tier list is here to give you a helping hand in this upcoming release from developer WFS Games. We'll go through all of the 47 characters currently available in the Japanese version, ranking them by rarity and combat ability, so you know which ones to go for.

To help you get to grips with Heaven Burns Red, we're also going to explain how to get new characters in this gacha game. That's on top of a quick look at the reroll process, as well as some details on the game's worldwide release and gameplay mechanics.

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Heaven Burns Red Tier List

Read on to see our Heaven Burns Red tier list, which ranks all of the characters based both on their rarity and their proficiency in battle.

Ranking Character name
STama Kunimi, Yuki Izumi, Maku Kurosawa, Hisame Ogasahara
AChie Sugawara, Mari Satsuki, Ruka Kayamori, Erika Aoi, Miya Kiryu, Vritika Balakrishnan, Li Yingxia
BMegumi Aikawa, Seira Sakuraba, Byakko, Miko Tenne, Ichigo Minase, Isuzu Ooshima, Muua Ooshima, Kanata Marayuma, Mion Yanagi, Irene Redmayne, Maria de Angelis
CYayi Bungo, Tsukasa Tojo, Karen Asakura, Sumomo Minase, Kozue Hiiragi, Yotsua Ooshima, Niina Ooshima, Inori Natsume, Chiroru Matusoka, Shiki Hanamura, Satomi Kura, Carole Reaper, Charlotta Skopovskaya
DSeika Higuchi, Ivar von Yamawaki, Miko Tenne, Adelheid Kanzaki, Ichico Ooshima, Minori Ooshima, Shiki Hanamura, Yuina Shirakawa, Monaka Tsukishiro

At the moment, our Heaven Burns Red tier list is ranked by rarity, given the game isn't live so it's tough to get to grips with the meta. Those in the S-tier are the rarest - SS troops who are hardest to get from gacha pulls and will prove most proficient in combat. As such, characters towards the bottom aren't quite as impressive, and you're more likely to find them in regular gacha spins rather than the special ones.

Of course, once Heaven Burns Red is live globally, we'll update this tier list with a more detailed explanation of each ranking. You can also expect more characters to arrive later down the line, so we'll add those to each tier as and when they drop.

Image of an anime character wielding a sword in Heaven Burns Red
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Who Is the Best Heaven Burns Red Character?

As per our tier list, the two best characters in Heaven Burns Red right now are Tama Kunimi and Yuki Izumi. They're both SS characters, and they're both powerful in their own right, too.

First up is Tama Kunimi, one of the most effective healers in the game. That's a crucial role to cover in your roster, and in the early stages, Tama Kunimi is the best at recovering teammate HP. She also has a solid attacking ability in Fighting Spirit, which both damages enemies and heals teammate SP simultaneously.

You also can't go wrong with Yuki Izumi, who functions more as a damage-focused attacker. Not only can she deal out intense damage, but she also reduces enemy defence stats as well, making it a double-whammy of attacking potency. The only drawback is that after three moves, she needs a three-turn cooldown before going again. That's a small caveat though for what is an otherwise very powerful attacker.

How Do I Get More Heaven Burns Red Characters?

Luckily, Heaven Burns Red operates a lot like other gacha games. Therefore, you unlock new characters through a summon system, where you spend in-game currency on random spins to gain a character.

Simply complete the in-game tutorial, then head to the recruitment or summons menu. From there you can pick which banner you'd like to spin on, which can vary based on available characters and cost. If you've got the funds, simply spend away, and you'll unlock a new Heaven Burns Red character from our tier list.

How Do I Play Heaven Burns Red?

At the moment, mobile gamers outside of Japan are unable to play Heaven Burns Red. The game isn't live in America or Europe, and you won't be able to find it on the App Store or Google Play just yet. However, the game is available in Japan, so if you've got a working APK, you'll be able to access that version of the game.

Now that Heaven Burns Red is live in Japan, it's only a matter of time before the developer starts localising it for a wider release.

When Is the Heaven Burns Red Release Date?

As hinted at above, we don't have a release date for Heaven Burns Red just yet. The game launched in Japan in February 2022, but there's been no news yet on what that means for a worldwide release. You can expect it to arrive on mobile devices across the globe before the end of 2022, but given how much translation and localisation is required, it's hard to predict exactly when that could be.

In the meantime, you can keep up with Heaven Burns Red through the game's official website and its Twitter account. Those will both update when there's news on a global release, so check them sporadically to see when you can finally get your hands on the game.

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